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Welcome to
Zen Verde Healing

Your practitioner and guide for sound + reiki healing.


Lousie Bortolotti, is the creative founder of Zen Verde Healing.  As an intuitive "facilitator of healing", Louise has more than thirty years of experience with sound healing and over twenty years in the luxury spa & wellness industry.

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Welcome... My name is Louise Bortolotti and I'm glad you stopped by to get to discover what Zen Verde Healing has in store for you. As a wellness professional in the industry for over twenty years, I have found that self-care is more than just one thing. Self-care is art. Through my own personal healing journey and self-care discovery, Zen Verde Healing was created. As a true believer in honoring those that have come before us, I am deeply connected to my Native American and Italian heritage and as a "facilitator of healing," I connect with you where you are.

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"I feel as if I have unlocked a very powerful part of myself and I can’t wait to see what I create. Not only did you help to release the tensions and lingering parasite of others' energies, but you helped to teach me to protect and listen to myself spiritually."

Courtney S.

"Louise is a miracle worker! Since having surgery, I have had pain at the surgical site due to scar tissue build-up. 

She was able to tailor my experience to my personal needs and exceeded all of my expectations." 

Tiffany W.